French subject personal pronouns

French lesson 1 of grammar: subject personal pronouns in French

Subject personal pronouns in French

Subject personal pronouns (je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles = I, you, he, she, we, you, they) are really essential for speaking French. Indeed, they are almost used for all the sentences. At the beginner level (A1 level), this is one of the first things to learn and master. The video below will teach you the personal subject pronouns in French:

In French, a sentence is at least made up of a subject and a verb. Thus, subject personal pronouns very often begin at the start of a sentence. So, it is essential to learn them well.

In French, the subject personal pronouns are:

1st person singular = Je = I
2nd person singular = Tu = You
3rd person masculine singular = Il = He
3rd person feminine singular = Elle = She
1st person plural = Nous = We
2nd person plural = Vous = You
3rd person masculine plural = Ils = They
3rd person feminine plural = Elles = They

Thanks to this video and this article, you will learn the personal subject pronouns in French. To learn them well, repeat after the teacher. When the teacher says “Je”, say “Je”, when the teacher says “Tu”, say “Tu”, when the teacher says “Il”, say “Il”, etc., up to “Elles”. Thus, you will be able to understand orally and pronounce the subject personal pronouns well in French. To do well, watch the video several times, repeating after the teacher. To write and read this conjugation correctly, copy the list below several times:


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